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About Jay Mehta


Jay Mehta is a serial entrepreneur as well as the founder and owner of, a cloud-based content management system (CMS). He is a veteran in the digital marketing & software industry with 15 years of experience. He started his career in the late 1990s and has since worked on several brands and developed numerous software projects and applications. His expertise and knowledge of the CMS space are what led him to develop and End to End Real Estate CMS Tech Solution

After successfully developing and launching, Jay Mehta has become an advocate for the development of cloud-based CMS solutions and his vision & development have created a platform that gives Real Estate brokers & agents the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your real estate business exactly the way they want.

Jay provides advice to startups and large corporate houses on how to adopt cloud-based CMS solutions. He has had a great impact on the IT industry through his vision and hard work. He continues to be an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals in the software industry.

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